Modern Trees House Design Ideas

The contemporary tree house interior decor in this modern tree house will comfort us when we were inside of this house. The simple decoration from this house will give a huge space for us to realize our dream in modern tree house. Actually, on these series a tree house wasn’t a house that designed close with the tree or on the top of the tree but the house that designed completely with the tree or wood. We will start to see from the modern tree house exterior layouts that completely use wood as the main material. Still in the outdoor space, we will see the outdoor tree house decorating ideas that still cover with the wood decoration. The garden decoration was very limited here, but if we want a garden decoration we can try to use the pot or planters as the tool to realize our dream. Going inside of this house we will see the simple inside space decoration plans that combine with the marble decoration for both floor system and the table decoration. Now we already have these decorative wooden decoration designs. [more]