Modern Looking Apartment Idea

It is a quite interesting idea to make a modern looking apartment based on an original flat. Honey comes from the research to find architects apartment conversion possible to completely original. The project was named “Santpere47” and has many interesting features. gold lines and circles to create a wall design, very playful, inviting look. The ceiling is particularly intriguing because the picture is unusual, and reminds one of the rooms of the monarchy. Space is always unconventional: there are shelves under the stairs, and some stains on the walls, where objects can be placed. Lighting systems in the apartment is worth a second look: pendant lamp slim and elegant, and we were amazed by the lights upstairs. Decorative elements are in complete harmony with the general feeling of home. And if you look closely, you’ll see “Drop XL” in a previous post called the 25 most creative design wall hanger hook provided. Let us know if you see other designs, as well. [source] {Miel Arquitectos}