Modern Design Glass Villa House by Powerhouse

The architectural dichotomy designed by Powerhouse Company completed in 2007, this design winning “Best Private Interior Design” in the Dutch Design Award. Modern design is elegant, polished, and points to his woodland in Arnhem, The Netherlands. Architects have a number of 50/50 this futuristic design, with a volume of 240m2 house is located on the ground, and the other lower class 240m2. As it is located, is the top of the house light, with a box glass box, filled with bright light and natural. The lower level houses takes that breaks the architect, as “medieval” man in the life areas such as – “Carved in a mass grave.” The interior is almost like glass, mirrors and ultra-polished wood, which are now perfect, curved walls and cabinets are finished, and pristine white walls and floors. Powerhouse Company.