Modern Box-Geometric Prefab House Design

Rintal Eggertsson Architects created this prefab box-geometric house who look so modern shape outside. Thus, the unpredictable weather, it is often difficult in Oslo, Norway plays an important role in the outcome of the project Boxhome – house contemporary design, which is great, its role as an attractive fashion. Boxhome measures only 19m2 is so easy to heat (the demand in Scandinavia for at least six months a year), so that option, which both environmentally and economically housing. Behind the facade of the combined geometric minimalist kitchen and dining room, living room, bathroom and bedroom. The space may be limited, but this house is not so much – it’s about quality. According to the architects, the project includes the use of materials and light, and efficient use of space, which is the housing option ΒΌ price of comparable units in the area. Boxhome While only a prototype, can adapt the design to accommodate larger families.[source]