Modern and Natural Environment Prefab House Design

Not much prefab house that blending modern and natural environment into one concept, but Kieran Timberlake did it in Loblolly House. Situated on stilts, has a tea Kieran Timberlake Architects minimum area, and in response to maximum effect. Located in Taylors, Iceland, an island off the coast of Maryland, this modern hotel combines nature and architecture, as well as being the future of prefabricated homes. 2,200 sq.m. .- Ft. home is on a more efficient method of construction. Thousands of building blocks from which the house was off-site constructed and repaired within six weeks. The house has a unique facade, which “flips”, revealing the open, so that passive cooling. In addition, closed the house to heat the channel outside the Sun network. Another feature of the sustainable home just in construction – and deconstruction. many parts of the house are designed to be easily removed by taking into account the repair, rehabilitation, recovery and recycling without a serious impact on the environment. [source]