Customized by Marc Canadell, this luxury house has outdoor entertainment area and expansive architecture. High above the famous Sunset Strip, in the famous “Bird Streets”, this custom design house 5 bedrooms, 8 bathrooms, acres and more than 9000 square meters of pure waste. Private property has developed from the external to the internal. Spacious deck with infinity pool and a large entertainment area with a fireplace in the open real access point, and leads into the house through the wide glass sliding doors. modern interior, finished with a rich user details. dark-colored wood floors tension in every room, from the formal elegance of everyday spaces “. Everyday” by no means “common” in this house – look impressive, but the bathroom was inspired spa and decadent dressing room! cutting-edge design genius of lighting, which are open to the terrace overlooking West Hollywood. Magnificent luxury house for sale Mauricio Umansky, listed at $ 17,995,000.

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