Named Colorado Mountain House, this house has luxury design inside the glass house concept. This luxury hotel was designed by the architectural Colorado Mountain Site 7 Solutions and deck! The bright facade of modern architecture is linear and floor to ceiling glass walls that give so many characters in the room and on the street. Inside, 7066 square meters of floor space taste of exotic wood, stainless steel and natural stone for homes with contemporary style, of course. Luxury amenities include an indoor salt water pool and spa, wine cellar with 1200 bottles of climate control digital home theater equipment and for consideration in the library and the glass track, cold floor. This magnificent flight of a solar facilities without any problems outside of places of entertainment in the fresh air. If you buy new digs, this luxury mountain home for sale at The Legendary Group.

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    The house above, located in Cherry Creek North, was designed by Patrick Beaton while he was the Design Principal at Site 7 Solutions. Patrick, now owner and principal of Beaton Design, LLC (located in Denver, CO) can be contacted via the company web site ( or directly at 303-803-7754.

  2. candice
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    love the house

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