Jodlowa House, A Contemporary Glass House Architecture

It is called Jodlowa House, a contemporary and modern glass house architecture. The project architects PCKO United Kingdom, in collaboration with the architect Mofo Krakow, Poland, Jodłowa house modern glass house in a picturesque land outside the city of Krakow. House Glassworks is located on a steel frame, modern, soaring above the earth (and not only the nature of modern presentation at home, as well as to minimize environmental damage). Built directly into the development of mature trees is yet another step in the development of nature. The windows will also contribute to street flooding interiors with natural light. For these large areas of glass, indoor pool, two bedrooms and a large 140m2 main living room offers a beautiful view of nature. But the best place in the house, use this point of view is 5-storey tower. The Tower of the lowest pensions and to study feedback in relation to the horizon of the Tatras. PCKO Architects and MOFO Architect.