JH House, Resort Looking House Design in Brazil

Bernardes Jacobsen Architecture has designed this luxury homes called JH House, has resort style looking, this house is prefer to be build in Sau Paulo, Brazil. Inspired by a hot five-star hotels in the world, is a modern house in Sao Paulo, Brazil is a hidden oasis. Quietly hidden behind a wall of green grass, this quaint house of stone and wood for outdoor living with spectacular public has at its heart. Palm trees reaching high above the pool, which is located between the living room next to a beautiful swimming pool and a modern interior of glass between them. Overhead, wooden panels that opened to reveal a sunny sky. The interiors of these sounds, so that bright light inside, while blurring the boundaries between internal and external. I love nature, the interior has been designed specifically for leisure, keep it simple with a minimum and detailed information on the range and simple but luxurious. [source]
{ Photo Credit: Leonardo Finotti }