High-End Furniture in Modern Prefab House

Modern prefab house decorated with high-end furniture inside is great blending house-interiors. Designed modern home teams in Rolo, Italy embodiment of cool and modern design than the outside into a masterpiece of modern architecture and contemporary furnishings, Planit fusion Milanese architectural firm Studio Bestetti Associati and high-end furniture company B & B Italia. This house is 500m2 combines the advantages of organic pre-fabricated modular components, and the company “Pircher. Contravention features a funky, fun, garden furniture from B & B Italia for the ultimate in luxury – 480m2 terrace – complete with an outdoor pool. Large windows and sliding glass doors decorated interior the concept of open, where a simple and elegant furnishings provide the basis for an elegant and refined. The interior was designed by the architect, with a small current, lounge, kitchen and rest rooms combines design. palette of black and white is the perfect backdrop for these cool, colorful – literally sense and figuratively – Furniture.
Architect: Bestetti Associati Studio
Prefab: Pircher
Furnishings: B & B Italia
Photo credit: Fabrizio Bergamo