Futuristic Dome Design from Easy Domes

An easy assembly and low energy prefabrication house in dome design from the brainchild of Danish Architect Kari Thomsen and Engineer Ole Vanggaard, Easy Domes has futuristic design. Short these days can be fully functional and ultimately unique house. built in 1992, the Society Islands Greenland Faroah, dome, just in different configurations to 160 meters are covered. Dome of nature, 250 meters. Taft dome (pictured), Duo Dome and villas from 500 to 2200 meters and the dome in 1000 feet of a single cultural dome or a series of several domes based on the icosahedron “” Such a set of hexagonal plates, agreed to ensure maximum interior design. This provides a futuristic design does not affect the comfort of home, the motif of two floors of the living room, kitchen, bathroom and two bedrooms. Another modern version of the traditional, that these houses are built using environmentally friendly materials and techniques. Design and vented outside of isolated trees and canvas. Green roofs in solar panels, roof, wind turbine and harvesting methods of alternative forms of energy supplements.