France Luxury and Elegant Villa

Luxury and Elegant, this is the words you’ll say if you see this great villa leased in France. Surrounded by lush mountains and the coast of the peninsula at his feet, Villa O in Cap Ferrat in southern France, luxury villa worth rating of 5 stars – in fact, it’s a beautiful house on 5 floors and a popular tourist destination. The hotel is located directly on the beach, has a house hillside terraces and plains have been designed with large windows to enjoy the panoramic views. The house was to keep the glass wall, with a large semi-circular terrace, elegant and casual at home. Each room in the house out to your balcony, terrace or patio. Living rooms open to one side, luxury design house is also actively involved in the open air more than 4500 m2, gardens and winding paths with olive oil, Cyprus, eucalyptus, jasmine, rosemary and fed Jacaranda. Outdoor Pool Infinity pool house is dominated by Balinese style. Take a modern glass elevator or stairs to a beautiful 5 floors could be seen. The plan for the south of France for his incredible vacation at Villa O.