Earth-quake Resistant Homes by Toyota

Toyota, Japanese car-maker, not an ordinary car makes, they just make this homes plans that modern looking and also earth-quake resistant, make the Toyota’s called ‘more than cars’. In fact, Toyota in the business of building homes for more than 20 years. These fabulous homes prefabricated technology used car production to build houses modern and fully to the ground by the earthquake. From houses and cars go hand in hand is clear. Toyota focused on environmentally friendly next plug-in hybrid vehicles, The Wall Street Journal reports that the automaker is also currently assessing the electrical design of a monitoring system in your home a car load during peak hours. Mutual relations – car battery serves as a backup power supply for home. Toyota production houses in nearly 12 styles – from the design of intelligent, self-contained 1,000 sq .- ft., two-story house with a $ 200,000 property, if the District Plaza, 2600 square feet. Feet with a price of about $ 800,000. Houses are built from six or more modules and approximately 45 days. In terms of style, at home, such as cars – sleek, modern and sporty. [source]