Brazilian Leaf Shape Dream House Inspiration

This brazilian dream house is designed by Mareines and Patalano Arquitetura and located near Rio de Janeiro, it’s roof inspired by leaf shape. Its design is of indigenous Brazilian architecture, perfectely suitable for hot and humid climate has inspired. The roof, which resembles the flower looks like a large sheet, which protects the sun all private rooms in the house. The house is ideal for social gatherings and celebrations because of its cozy terraces and open spaces between rooms. The open design also makes use of the trade winds from the sea, natural ventilation and passive cooling features. No corridor merge interior and exterior fast. Rainwater is collected on the roof for reuse. With its natural end, organic beauty and richness of detail, the house is in harmony with the lush Brazilian nature. This is an example of how fresh tropical beach house can be connected with nature. [source]
{Photos by Leonardo Finotti & Pedro Lobo}