Amazing Glass House Architecture with Sustainable Features

Glass House with sustainable features? This amazing glass house architecture is the answer. “House R 128” Werner Sobek Architects brings the best of both worlds to the table. The increase of 4 apartments in Stuttgart, Germany, is a modern building of glass has nothing to hide. Through the front windows of the house has triple-glazed windows through which natural light floods through the filter and in all rooms. The house has solar panels that power the house and the light, when the sun goes down. Also incredible for its sustainable properties, the house also has a geothermal energy and cooling. Modern modular construction – including its wooden floor and facade – for easy assembly and disassembly is not only the house innovators outside the network, but also completely reusable and recycling! Available on the bridge over the kitchen and dining room, 2706 sq .- foot home offers a warm welcome with a modern twist. minimalist style king in the House of R 128, which has no interior walls, and some modern works, what areas are open for the characterization of the concept of life. [source]
Photo credit: Roland Halbe and Josef Schulz, Stuttgart/Germany.