Amazing Apartment Design in Hong Kong

This 30 square meters apartment transformed into amazing design, glorious and modern interiors. But we can say that this house of creativity crosses and ingenious. Gary Chang, architect of the Hong Kong T thought it was time for minor changes to the design scene in China to bring. His apartment was the first to know about great change. How many rooms can fit in the apartment of 30 square meters? One? Okay, maybe two, not counting hallway.Well, ready to strike: Gary managed to match the 24 rooms in one location, and each one has its own personality.
This was made possible thanks to an ingenious system of sliding doors, which can be moved to show more space and utility services. Sure, there are some problems that sense, as what happens when you have children to visit, or if someone is not as good, but who really cares, why come? Watch for many more and now we have to go, what impact this has had on you. [source]