The Y House Concrete Urban House Design by SausaSantos Architects

This decorative concrete house exterior design by SausaSantos Architects was called The Y House. This name was accidently use since the shape of this house was look like with Y word. If we see from the whole layout of this house from the front space we will see the simple decoration but still in modern touch and comfortable atmosphere. The front space of this house was completes with simple garden decoration and the outdoor swing as complement. Using glass window decor idea, the lighting decoration was completely catch up trough this stuff. The transparent side of glass material was bringing both bright and clear appearance. Perfectly the designer was place glass material in round shape of this house wand bring extraordinary appearance of a home living idea. The color application of this house was use white color system so that here we will see more awesome simple concrete house plans that lovable to stay. He clean appearance combine with the modern touch was clearly can be seen here. For complete inspirational design idea, here were several modern urban house photos that we can try on.