Decorative Urban House Design from Axelrod Architects

The white architectural urban house decor was decorating the outside space of this house. The concept was tried to show the clean and clear performance from an urban house construction. Furthermore, the outside space from this house was completed with the simple decoration. So, trough the outdoor space from this white house we will see also the simple exterior decorating ideas. Actually, both of those concepts was try to complete one and other so that we will get a unity concept of a modern house. The whole space in the outside space of this house will comfort us from the other side. Come in to this house we will see other great decoration. We will see the high exposure urban house constructions that apply the glass material. The translucent look from this material will help the sun to lights this space. We will get a bright look from this high exposure decoration. Combine with the white paint, the clear performance can be seen perfectly here. Designed by Axelrod Architects, we can see the complete performance trough these decorative urban house designs layouts.