Cottesloe House Modern Urban House Design Idea in Perth, Western Australia

The classic leather sofa furniture will welcome us when we were in this urban house. The comfortable and familiar atmosphere was strong here since the humanism arrangement from this space was very diligent and beautiful. Furthermore, the space saving interior decor was clearly can be seen from the adjoining side of both kitchen space and dining room. Those spaces were decorated in minimalist and modern decorating idea so that the entire decoration from this space was use simple and efficient furniture. Occasionally, this house apply contemporary theme also, we can see clearly from the contemporary interior design idea that place side by side with the elegant panoramic view plans. That decoration can be feeling in open air balcony that place close with the kitchen space and dining room. Since this urban house was want to ease the owner when they were want to reach closer space, they were design this house in one stop place so that the owner can get threes room in one space. As the complete package of a house, the designer Paul Burnham was decor bathroom with minimalist bathroom decorating idea that completed with bathtub decoration and huge wash basin decoration. The white color application was decorate this space so that the minimalist theme was clearly can be seen here. Located in Perth, Western Australia, the designer was allows us to catch up several photos from these modern urban house pictures.