Black Concrete House Decoration Design by Zigzag Arquitectura

These black concrete house design layouts was inspired us to be more diligent in build a house. As the warm space for gathering with the family and for a space for converse with the other, we have to be smart in arranging the house. The decoration and the whole layout of a house have to support the main theme of those criteria. As we can see that this clean concreate house interior decor will supply our demand in a house living space. This inside decoration was tried to balance the outdoor space of this black concrete house. This free space was easing us to place our furniture here. Completed with the multi window decoration house plans, this house was looking awesome in the dark. The glowing window was giving new look in house exterior decoration. The distinct line that uses to build this concrete house was bringing a secure atmosphere for the owner and the guest. Outdoor space from this house was completed with the simple outdoor terrace concrete house. [via]