Modern Urban House Design by Platform 5 Architechts

The attractive outdoor house decorating idea from this house design series will make us feeling surprising since this house design as the latest design for house. The great architectural from this house make us feeling such as small humankind in this world, looking down the construction of this house we will catch up with the comfortable and humanism decoration. The other spaces of these natural urban house outdoor layouts we can see the huge garden space was complete this house as the human living area. The decorative construction of the garden was smoothly combined with the modern construction of the house building itself. The modern urban house design ideas can be seen from the material that use to build this house. The decorative style of this house will comfort our family start from the outdoor space until the end space of this house. The other decoration of this house that robs our attention was the glass decoration for the wall space. We can see from the outdoor space of these decorative urban house garden pictures. Platform 5 Architects