Attractive New Zealand Architectural Designs

The attractive building decor idea from this architectural building was the winner of the best New Zealand award architecture. Furthermore, this building series was the new design of the best architecture design in New Zealand. We can see from the whole series of this building was show off the modern and futuristic style. Actually, not only those look that can we seen here but also the functional decoration of this building was support the whole function as the building for the society. There were the concrete overpass architectural plans that can be use for the society. They can pass this fly over to minimize the range of their time. They can reach their destination quickly trough this flay over. We can see also the translucent building architecture idea that completely uses the glass decoration. We can see the translucent side of the glass material in this building and feel the futuristic style of this building. The whole building series of this architectural was inspiring and bring new design series for the other designer especially for the architect. They can bring modern and functional design trough the unique architectural building decor.