Minimalist Open Air White House Design and Decor without Windows

Check out this modern open air house décor and you will know that this house was completely open almost in the whole room. The simple decoration of this house was neat and diligent. One thing for sure, this open space house was applies the open space concept extremely. Trough the details of this house we will see that the whole wall of this house was the window. The whole construction of this minimalist white house exterior design was simple and decorative. This house was just a place to relax and done the work. The calm space of this house was use as the place to read the book or to do the work. Complete with the plants inside of the house, we will get fresh air circulation trough this house. The furniture that completes this house was made of from the solid wood so that as the simple concept of the house, this house was already complete. Complete with the real plants and trees, this natural white house interior ideas now already complete. [via]