Contemporary and Minimalist White House Residence Design from Takuro Yamamoto

As a new single family, these white house exterior designs was inspiring since the whole decoration in both interior and exterior was give easy way to apply. Come to the inside space of this house and see the comfortable living room that complete with an artistic wooden furniture and flooring system. Other charm design from this house was the modern sunroof decoration layout. This space was give bright shine from the sun freely light down. This outdoor space was think of energy saving and the natural lighting from the earth. Here we can see minimalist wooden interior plans from the adjoining living room space and dining room obviously. The whole layout décor that close with this open plan sun roof was very outstanding and gorgeous. Other space that still gets the sun lighting was the master bed room. This space still bright since the entire sun light was light up the space. So, let’s give your beloved couple with these contemporary residence design ideas. Takuro Yamamoto