Simple Contemporary Courtyard Design Ideas for Rising Kids by Studio Junction

Special design for those who work and take care kids in home. This modern courtyard house design will help you to do both of the activities. See the open space for your kids to play. Use the simple and natural elements, we can allow our kids to play in secure. Along these classy landscaping courtyard ideas, we can see how our kids can be freely play and develop their pleasure to play. Give our kids a special free space to grow up and play in pleasure. That natural side was place in the second floor of the courtyard house. If we want for our kids to play in the ground, we can allow them to move in the first floor and they can play what they want to play. We can use the courtyard garden design ideas for our outdoor play ground. Trough this space, we can add a plant or a tree for natural look of the house. Special for a small living concept, we can maximize our small space trough use the glass wall as much as possible for our courtyard. The natural side of the courtyard also can be show-off from the artificial plant in the pot. Check these contemporary courtyard ideas pictures and photos by Studio Junction for your inspiration.