Natural Contemporary Log Floating Cabin House Design

New performance for those who love in natural and classic style, this contemporary floating cabin plans was suitable for both of the concept. The simple and natural side can be seen clearly in the whole layout of the cabin design. Built close to the river surround with the mountain areas, we can feel the brief wind and fresh atmosphere trough this cabin house. Check this classic small floating log cabin layout, and see the details of the whole appearance of the house. The whole natural concept was complete trough the wood materials and the additional stuff for the complete theme. The light of weight from the house material was helping the house to still stay on the surface of the water. Combine with the blue ceiling system, we still can enjoy the sun lighting throw away the surrounding house. Obviously, as the natural living concept, we can see almost the whole part of the house was open space decoration. The wood material still use here to hold the weight of the furniture decoration. The surprising additional was the garden log cabin inspirations. Use the light of weight material, the land was collect in the wood stuff. The green plant is the natural vegetables storage. The owner still can enjoy the fresh vegetable trough this site. Overall, this natural house was design for those who love in fishing and get the recreation feeling every single day. Use your wild imagination trough this natural garden floating cabin house design. [via]