Modern Decorative Interior Stone House Designs by Arturo Montanelli

New house concept, the stone house interior ideas by Arturo Montanelli. The natural side was obviously can be touch here since the whole concept of the stone house was inspired from the nature. The stone house was built totally with the stone material that combine with the mountain stone for the inside decoration. The simple and the artistic appearance of the house were very attractive to apply. Special for those who love the warm atmosphere, this stone house was bringing that atmosphere for your house. The decorative stone house plans was included with the whole stone system from this house. To complete the warm atmosphere, we can use the wooden furniture fill in the stone house. The simple wooden decoration was giving a new experience for our body and soul. The whole space like dining room, living room was accomplished with the modern house furniture design. The modern design can be seen from the minimized use if the furniture. The designer was place the outdoor swimming pool to complete the natural concept of the stone house. Bored with the usual house concept? Try these elegant stone decorations designs. Happy trying everyone!