Modern Contemporary House Design with Artificial Roof Garden

Special for those who want to use the natural living concept, check these natural contemporary house design pictures and then you can try to apply one of the concept for your new living concept. Along the natural side of the concept, we can try to understand that the natural side of a house can be applying from the concept and the real layout of the house. See the details of the materials, some usual materials as the natural concept was the artificial garden and glass. Check also the artificial garden roof layout and you will be attract from the art concept of garden and the simple light of the design. Event this garden was the artificial, we still have to treat the garden roof. As the whole concept of the house, we can see also the modern contemporary open space living room. Complete with the white sofa set, the light of the sun will be more clearly from this space. Along to next room, we can found the small contemporary bathroom design with bubble pattern for the wall. Come to Cloud9 for the complete information of this small modern house design layout.