Luxury White Sand Beach Resort in Maldives (The Paradise of the World)

Get a new holiday experience trough this luxury and paradise beach resort plans. The light design combine with the tropical atmosphere in Maldives was giving you special moment. Special for the honeymooner, they can try to get romantic dinner or the beautiful sunset here. The most space was open air, so that we can take a breath deep here to fill our lung with the fresh air from the earth. This white sand resort island will help us to get the great experience here. The land with white sand was very attractive when we sun bathing around the sand. The simple ideas were just relaxed and enjoy the day here. Bored with sun bathing, we can try to use the outdoor swimming pools resort. The round design combine with fresh water will give the new experience of holiday. Complete with the wooden arm chair, we can still enjoy the light of the sun here. Surrounded with the coconut trees we will be more comfortable with the whole expression of the tropical resort. Before you call an agency to come in Maldives, you can try to enjoy these tropical beach resort pictures first.