Dynamic Small Contemporary House Design Construction by U + B Architect

Special edition for a small family, this outstanding contemporary house design will attract your family. The simple color and living concept of the house was easy to apply. Come inside of the house, we will host by contemporary living room small home architecture. The set of sofa was giving the different atmosphere here. The L shape of the sofa brings a new experience along this site. The wood flooring was strength the contemporary concept. Go on to the next door, we will found the small house interiors design. The simple furniture was smoothly joined with the natural side of the house. The old vintage fire wall will warms the hide dining room and the other space close by. Other unconscious design was the small house kitchen design. Use the stainless material for the whole kitchen concept; we can combine the kitchen table with the dining set of stand stools. The futuristic design was give the different atmosphere for the whole concept of contemporary house. This is it, the small modern contemporary house design by U+B Architect.