Small Prefab House Design / Minimalist Home & Living Space by Hive Modular

A gorgeous design called B-Line by hive modular homes presented a house with simple approached. This small and simple house was consisting from the both futuristic design and modern lifestyle. Made by combining wood materials and fiber, this house also can be called as a modern green living. The other materials to support the concept of living space was, make a space look large than the reality. The architect used a great kais wall to realist that dream. The design of living homes prefab house was so quiet and charming. See from the living room concept. The white bright color match with the white fresh sofa was a perfect couple to stand. This comfortable living room completed by a brown small table in the centre of the room. Come along by pass the hallway, we’ll surprise with brown charm kitchen set. Include with extraordinary wash basin in the centre of the kitchen cabinet. Next to the chick and simple bed room, we’ll found the king size bed completed with the wall wardrobe opposite with this rejuvenating bed. Still in this space, another pointer was the bath room. Design with simple and friendly design, the architect only use a single shower, and a private wash basin include with square mirror and calm chandelier. Concern with the sustainability concept, this place was a completed with Modern small prefab house design. HIVE Modular