Minimalist Dwelling House Construction & Simple Interior / Maison du Béton

Another home inspiration with the concept as minimalist construction house designs can be seen from Maison du Béton architect. This square white house, completely called as a future of home. We can see from a whole design start from cover of this building. Located in the middle of green yard, this house look as great as a great wall in china. Come inside to the first room, we’re found a large space with minimalist corridor. In this area, we can use as a place to hosting our guest if we’ve some cocktail party or a welcome party. On the side wall, we’ll see the book collection fill in brown square book rack. One step ahead, we’ve found the light living room include with minimalist LCD TV. Come in more inside we can see simple house interior decorating with the simple furniture to support this house concept. This cream building completed with a simple decoration for the kitchen containing a stove on the top of kitchen table and the simple wine collections on the wall. Come along to the next floor we’ll host by a brown contemporary design of the stairs. This place was perfectly complete with the garden view from this second floor. Overall, architect produced this to fight all the weather. We’ve seen the snow covered the yard when the Christmas comes. This minimalist home with futuristic concept was perfectly called as a stone minimalist house design since the materials that use for. Atelier ST