Concrete House Plans / Forest Landscape Design in Argentina

This affordable concrete house plans build in the centre of tropical jungle was design for people who care in the nature. This house was follows the contour of the land and noting cut any part of the nature to complete this house. This unconscious house was design with special glass wall in front of the living room. Besides of the living room, we’ll see the simple family room with a fireplace on the wall. Using a simple light of weight wood, this house was present of the modern living. These Concrete house floor plans designed in two different materials. One side use a wood material, especially for the deck place in front of this light living room, and the other one was used a simple floor from the soft tiles like a dark cloud. Come along the hallway in this room, we’ll find the main bed room and the children bed room. This romantic private place was supported from the effect of dark cloudy from both floor and the wall. Another attention in this house was the design of mix both kitchen and the design of simple dining room like in the canteen of school. This un usual concept especially for the dining room was purposed for a place to converse and share with all family member. This extraordinary place was showed the familiar and friendly person. Concern with the concept of this friendly home, this house was succeeding showed to us as complete concrete interior design furniture. BAK Architects