The Best House Studio of Bark Design Architects / Small House Landscaping

This best studio house design was located in Noosa Head Queensland. This eco-friendly building was try to combine both comfortable and green living life style. This unsuspicious building was design by The Studio of Bark Design Architects for their self to hosting and serves their costumer. This eco-friendly concept showed from the building stand itself. This building stand without any cutting trees surrounds this place. This building uses the little space and makes a small space in the upstairs to store their file. This semi minimalist and retro concept was completed from the materials that they use and the landscape that they take from the outside scenery. They use timber and steel for stand this simple and chick studio. They also use a glass wall to make the space look large and bright. They minimize in using wood materials, and try to substitute this material with other materials. In the outside of this house, we’ll see the green jungle scenery and the steep way from the white stone completed with small handmade of garden. This fresh open air studio also has a dining place for converse and enjoys their meals. Suitable with the minimalist design in futuristic decoration, they use a simple multi-functioning desk for their employee. Overall, this studio was the right inspirational building for this old world, and then you can see this Small house landscaping architecture. Bark Design Architects