Angkor Wat Architecture in Cambodia / Classical Style 12th Century

This incredible phnom penh angkor wat architecture was shocked all over human history around the world. This old and classic design with combination of stone and history robbed the human attention. The carving of this old building showed that almost 1200 years ago, the knowledge of design was there. Showed from the history angkor wat temple Cambodia we will know that long-long time ago, this place was a place for celebrate the present day for the king in honor. Meanwhile, today this place was a source of great pride for the country’s people. One of the facts from this place was, this is one of the parts for Cambodian National flags. This spectacular 12th century architecture showed how great and excellent the architect 12 century ago. Both design and great carve in the stone was inspiring a lot of people to create anew one especially in carving the stone or event an ice. Nowadays, people around the world try to get the meaning from the carving story along the wall of this great place. To get this Hindus temple, we have to come along a hallway or through the jungle. This temple was covered from a green jungle, and this temple has two different ways to get there. So, I thing this place was the suitable place if we want to call as a classical style architecture design inspiration. [via]