Amazing Green House Office Building Architecture in Groningen

This perfect green house office building was located in the city of Groningen in Netherlands. This extraordinary shape was representing the sense of care with our world. This new office building architecture was stand in the middle of office are, so it’s not impossible for the people who work around this place will pay, more attention in this green living. Containing with eight steps till the top of this building, we’ll see the green peace effect from the trees. This yard also provide for the employee to play and converse while break time. This square white light block was completed with glass wall in the side of the bottom from this place. Consequently with the concept of green office buildings design; this place can be one of the most favorite places to share and hang-out with a friend. This amazing building takes care in the green living not only showed from the top of this building, but also inside from this building too. We’ve see that the employee bring a small tree and out this living thing into side of their work desk. Completely with this explanations, let see this futuristic and amazing building an office pictures. Lets amazed for every one! NL Architects