7 Star the Bur Al Arab Luxury Hotels Interior Design Inspiration

Perhaps, burj al arab luxury hotel was the most luxurious hotel in all over the world. This real fact was not just a joking. We can see from the whole shape of this building. This building was stand in 321 meters. Well, let’s talk about this luxurious hotel in detail. Come along from the hall to the receptionist desk, we’ll host by a combination red and green color around the receptionist desk. This spectacular place also showed the gold color as a color of timeless and worth. Then we can move to this luxury hotels property. See the different kind of the room; sure in this hotel every room has a specialty. Such as the living room for two bed room deluxe suite. We will found the combination of blue, yellow, and gold in this room. These colors showed the comfortable and warm effect from this place. We also will get a set of LCD TV for entertainment side. The most expensive room here called Royal Suite. This room has different entrance door with personal touch from the hotel attendant. This special room was design from the famous hotel interior designer. We can see the Royal Suite has a round red bed room with luxury furniture. The biggest red living room for entertain our family, and the special blue fresh water in the private Jacuzzi. While we’re bored with the situation in the room, we can go to the vintage coffee shop or see the fish and the living things from the sea in Almahara Restaurant. Besides that, this special place has the biggest yellow ball room for special big event like wedding or new years eve. So, it not a crime when we said that this both vintage and modern interior design hotel was totally perfect. Another incredible thing from this hotel was the helipad-converted-tennis court. Wow! This place will challenge you to play in high concentration and focus in the ball. A one of the famous tennis player that was there are Andre Agassi and Roger Federer. Then, for the prove of this review, lets enjoy these burj al arab hotel interior pictures. [more]