Modern House Architecture – Victorian Style Homes in Melbourne Australia

A gorgeous modern house architectural styles design by Victorian Style Homes in Melbourne Australia was presented for an urban person with minimalist concept. Using a simple and light of weight materials, this home was a symbol or modern living. Based on victorian style home decoration, through this home we can found an adjoining room between living room detailed with black comfortable sofa and a small simple kitchen with two futuristic tubes made from stainless steel. This artificial kitchen was completed by a small cabinet on the centre on this room. Go to the next place, still in around of multifunction room, we’ll found a small minimalist swimming pool and a bath room with single wash basin separate shower and bath up that completed in red color wall paper include a small garden view. This unique combination for both lout door living room and small swimming pool were called as a unique victorian terraced house plans. Containing from a stone and simple materials for the wall, we can see that this house was representation from efficiency and a minimizing the place. Continuing for this journey, the special side from this place was the outdoor courtyard space glass doors. Through this open air space, we’ll see another home surround this place. Trough this place we can see a minimalist bed room and a place for work in the top of the kitchen. Overall, this review will completed by these best modern house architecture photos. [Andrew Maynard Architects]