Country Chic Home Decor Ideas – Holley House by Hanrahan Meyers Architects

Conceptually, this chic home interior decorating was design for a young couple who like to live in a freedom. They mix their free of soul with the concept of green living and try to by friendly with the nature. This peacefulness home called Holley House was located in Garrison, New York by Hanrahan Meyers Architects. Born by the multitalented hands from this famous architect, we can see the whole planet was filling this lovely house. Turn to the inside of the house; first impression is this is a semi open air home design. Beside this open air concept, this country living home décor was perfectly supported this warm and great house. We can turn this living room, and we will see that this room can be a perfect place to enjoy the tropical garden while we’re hosting our guest. Come inside to the kitchen joining with a couple set of futuristic chair, we’ll see the Modern country retreats interiors. Another side of this home is the main bed room for the owner. Here, we can see both modern living combining with minimalist design. Go along the rainbow corridor, we’ll found the natural swimming pool, a small square trampoline, and a set of arm chair. For a complete explanation, let see these whole Legant contemporary furnishings natural exterior.