Contemporary Luxury Homes Designs in Australia by Wright Architects

This full open air luxury home designs in Australia was created for a person who really enjoy their low profile person. Containing with wood, metal and little stainless steel for this perfect place, Wright Architects was robed our attention. Actually, this house was design as Modern beach wood homes, but we still allowed applying this house as a tropical garden house. Inspiring from the main top of a boat, this defect triangle that produce from a wood was the main attention from this home. Besides that, the fresh blue water that covered almost the room of this house start from multifunction living room that joins with a dining room and dining room, till the end of a main bed room as a private place. Another point from this house was the soft materials that covered the whole rooms. We called this Luxury home pool – lap pool with salt water as a place for relaxes and leave your stress start from this clean place. Actually, for you as a people who like to host and converse your guest in one place without any movement, this house was the best choice. After enjoy this pool of paradise, we can wash our body in semi open air bath room with separate shower. Another private room was the bed room. Here, we can enjoy the end of water from the poolside include with the green of trees in the outside of this room. Include with a complete home theater, chick and comfortable color from the cushion, this place will make take our time to stay longer in this private paradise. Last but not least, let’s see all of these pictures from one of the best contemporary luxury home plans idea. [Wright Architects]