Amazing Tree House Ideas Gallery Design by Architect Robert Harvey Oshatz

Nature with architecture is not an odd pairing by any means, but it’s never been done quite like this. With the natural landscape tree houses plans ideas, we can realize piece of architecture in the wood based on contemporary tree house canopy. The main living level of this contemporary tree house designs sits in the canopy, among lush green leaves with the dewy earth rolling out below. It’s one of those designs that are difficult to describe. According to the architect Robert Harvey Oshatz, “One has to actually stroll through the house to capture its complexities and its connection to the exterior with the use of a natural wood ceiling floating on curving laminated wood beams which pass through a generous glass wall which wraps around the main living room”. This typical of house is for the client who wanted a house that not only become a part of the natural landscape but also for a client who loves to flow music. What an amazing tree houses gallery!