Modern Miami Beach House Interior Design – Gold Coast Residence

This is the picture of Miami Beach houses with modern interior design. This is especially used by single family beach house because its occupies a long narrow site 10m wide x 50m deep across the road from the ocean. It is consist of beach house designs courtyards and pool also.
The compact form of the two plants is characteristic of the urban fabric of Main Beach, along two sides of the street, holding the corner of the street with a double height built, living room outdoors decor. The elevation of the house of 1.5 m above the street optimizes the view on a park towards the water. This device has allowed both street facades to be extensively landscaped with a has been combined with a lower than normal height wall street offering privacy and views to the occupants, while the increase in public utility cityscape.
Designed to fully exploit existing summer breezes, this home contains a number of ESD initiatives liabilities. It has windows that open on all sides giving good natural ventilation. Northern and western elevations, which are largely glass, are the shadow screens operable louvres to reduce solar gain in summer and allow sun to penetrate inside during the winter. More solid walls, south exclude cooler winter winds. Walls, floors and ceilings are usually light colored to reflect heat. A large underground water tank collects water for reuse on site and ending the environment have been used everywhere.
The front component of the house contains a garage and entry at ground level, a living area on the first floor and master suit on the next floor. Reduced in form to a series of elements dramatically cantilevered towards the ocean, this beach house makes the best reference to the original beachside vernacular of Miami. With the wooden and also modern furniture, you will enjoy to living in this home house design. Pay attention to this beach house interior design ideas photos! [more]