Minimalist Simple Tree House Designs – King of The Frogs in Germany

This is the best sample of simple tree house design pictures. Exactly building a tree house in small private garden is not difficult, because many tree house designs in Germany have already shown their way to build simple tree houses. The cabin curve in the middle of the pool is covered with a sheet of zinc and wood veneers tatajuba below. It is based on eight pillars arranged asymmetrical. Large curved glass windows in the eaves and the sides from thin to illuminate the interior and give it a bright and transparent to the cockpit. Among the visitors to observe the large curved roof window above the surface extends pale. Below the bench on the opposite side drawers give enough storage space. Walls, floors and white furniture glass ash emphasize the bright and minimalist interior. Mostly the terrace made of tatajuba-wood, rests on four stainless-steel stilts and it’s a big enough to relax comfortable on it and the cabin, the curved cabin will lead the visitors to the middle of the pool that covered with a zinc-sheet and lamellas of tatajuba-wood underneath. What a minimalist character of the interior tree house! Amazing! [details]